Who Keeps Moving My Cheese?

Okay, so Daylight Savings Time is just one example of how the universe likes to mess with me. Getting my little son to bed at about 8 pm is important to my sanity. Well, at about 8 pm tonight, he was ramping up to play some more. Right now it is nearly 9:30 pm, and I still hear him babbling and making noises in his crib.

Before we found out my two-year-old had autism, it was enough of a challenge for this mom who works full time to keep the delicate balance of work and family going. Now, I honestly don’t know what each day is going to bring. Just when I think I get a sense of which way to go in the maze, the cheese gets moved again.

Here are some more examples:

  • GLASSES! Getting a two-year-old to wear glasses–that upped the ante! We had to get creative so he would “forget” about the foreign obstacle on his face. We found out that by holding his hands for several minutes at a time while doing a rowing motion and singing every “rowing” and “boat” song we could think of worked. It took about five dedicated weeks, and finally one day, he just kept them on. And, now he’s got a great sense of rhythm. Battle won! Next.
  • PICKY EATING! Our little dude has never been a fan of vegetables, but he used to have a pretty wide palette of what he would eat. Now, he has to eat organic food and non-dairy (for his health) and it’s expensive. I’ve bought and tried a lot of different foods, but he is so picky that they often go uneaten. Literally, he will eat about 10 foods right now. Wellshire Kids Dairy Free/Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets are keeping him from wasting away. But, here’s a twist. You never know when he wants to eat what. One thing that he will always eat without fail is Soy Dream ice cream sandwiches. If only someone could put all your daily nutritional needs into ice cream!
  • VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS! Josiah has about 10 supplements to take every day. I feel like a pharmacist/bar tender, breaking apart capsules and trying to whip up smoothies that don’t taste terrible to get this stuff down his gullet–lemon-flavored fish oil, olive leaf extract… mmm…delicious! It seems like the tastier I think my concoction is, the less he wants it. It’s very hard to pour a $10 drink down the drain. If he does drink it, I get a little giddy. Simple triumphs!
  • POOP! My little guy used to be like clock work with the poo–once a day. Now, he either has too much poo, and we’re giving him bananas and starch to get things stabilized. Or, he has too little poo, and we’re trying to get fiber and prune juice added in to those smoothies that are already chocked full.

So is a day in the life of a family trying to figure out what our new “normal” is. I think what I’m learning is that normal will have to be redefined each day, and keeping a sense of humor about the whole thing is so important. What’s your story of mishaps and mix ups in the routine?

Ps. 85: 10 Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other.


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  1. So you’re the terrific wife of the famous banner. 🙂 Welcome to the crowd! We’ve been so fortunate not to have to deal with the gut issues (knocks on wood)–you definitely have my support in that area!

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