Vaccines, vaccines, and more vaccines–Part Two

There’s been a lot of talk about autism in the news lately, given the case of Hanna Poling and her family where the court conceded that vaccines may have brought on her autism. See the Time article:,8599,1721109,00.html. Here’s a similar occurance over in the UK: But, the CDC is quick to say there’s no real link. These are rare cases. Don’t worry! Keep vaccinating your children. No problems here.

Here are some facts you or someone you love should know, and that the media is downplaying:

  • They say thimerisol (mercury) that was used as a preservative in vaccines was taken out of the vaccines back in the early 2000s because it may have been a neurotoxin. BUT, it still exists in the flu vaccine that is given to pregnant mothers and infants younger than six months. The amount of mercury in the flu shot is 250 times higher than what is deemed as “hazardous waste” by EPA guidelines.
  • The media is quick to report “there’s no link between the MMR vaccine and autism.” The truth is that there have been no real studies done that show the cumulative effect of several vaccines over time, and most studies are going off of data by those that noticed symptoms within about 72 hours of a vaccine–not weeks or months after.
  • Many studies that are published are done by pharmaceutical companies that have a financial interest in their product. This is big business!
  • Live virus vaccines can trigger brain inflammation and degeneration, which has been shown in number of studies. A number of vaccines injected all at once can cause the brain’s immune system to be activated to dangerous levels.
  • In 1986, there were 10 vaccines, and now we’re up nearly to 40 vaccines. In that time, there has been a 1700% increase in autism (it now affects 1 in 68 families). ADHD, asthma, allergies, and SIDS have also been on the upswing. I’m just saying, COULD there be a link here? Sure, our kids don’t have to get chicken pox or the measles anymore, but what is happening to their little bodies and minds forever?

These are just some of the things I came across. You can read a lot more at if you want more info, or to see what you should do for a safer vaccine schedule for your child. I’m just saying, we should be informed. Our doctors aren’t going to tell us this stuff.


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