Vaccines, vaccines, and more vaccines

I find myself becoming a bit of conspiracy theorist these days. I was even recently bold enough to print out information about vaccines and give them to four of my co-workers who just have had or are set to have babies. I also called the White House and my congressman this week, as actress Jenny McCarthy requested of parents across the nation, and asked for the resignation of the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for her total incompetence during the autism epidemic. I’m a rebel, y’all! When something happens to you like autism, you feel like there’s got to be something you can do to keep it happening to someone else. You want a WAKE UP CALL!

 I now know enough about childhood vaccines to know that I know too much. I truly wish I could go back armed with the information to make a more educated decision, and it may have changed the outcome for my son. Or it may not have. After him having had 36 jabs in his first 20 months, I can’t go back and I will probably never know. But I do know that he has high levels of metal and toxins in his blood that came from some outside environmental influence.

What’s strange is this newer, crazy classification of autism is not the classic “we knew something was wrong from the beginning” kind, but it presents itself somewhere in that 18-22 months age for thousands of kids who seemed to be developing pretty normally until something tipped the scales. That’s our little boy. We have videos of him teasing us by popping his head up over the table and buzzing like a bumblebee at about 16 months. He brought us books, and called “MOM” from his crib in the morning. What happened to all of that? How did his brain get damaged? That’s the million dollar question that thousands of families with similar stories are asking.

I say, at least it’s worth taking a moment to pause the rigorous schedule of vaccines, get some real studies going, and stop playing Russian roulette with one in 150 kids whose autism may have at least had an underlying genetic issue that may have triggered autism due to the vaccine load. At the very least, there needs to be screening for immunity and genetic health BEFORE they bring on the vaccines within the first minutes of life.

Whether the government, CDC, and vaccine makers are involved in a cover-up, knowingly or unknowingly inflicting brain genocide on a generation, or just sticking their heads in the sand and hoping it will go away, it’s all wrong. We deserve better. Our kids deserve so much better. God, help this generation!


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  1. I find regressive autism far more disturbing than from birth autism, which my son has. I can’t imagine having this typically developing child all of a sudden crash like that. You get a taste of who they are and then all of a sudden there’s this drastic change.

    That being said, I believe vaccines (both his and my flu shot during pregnancy) played a role for my son too. And I think SO many things can help them – dietary interventions, summlements, therapies, etc. There’s so much hope.

    Ditto, ditto, ditto on your post.

    Darcy (

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