The Gazelle Glide Gains a Satisfied Customer

Josiah rocks the Gazelle Glide!Tony Little, my son loves your in-home exercise product, “The Gazelle Glide.” The dust flying when he stepped on it, he smiled with glee as he tried out his delightful new discovery that up to that point held no interest to him. Suddenly, he was drawn to it, and somehow he knew exactly how to work it. It’s actually the most action that hunk of metal has gotten in a couple of years, I’m embarrassed to say.

Shortly after I gave birth to Josiah, I was thinking about how I should start working out again. Apparently eating ice cream every night during the pregnancy was not a good idea. Well, the closest gym was about 15 minutes away and since I was back to work full time, I didn’t feel like it was feasible to lose nearly two hours of my night to burn a few calories. In a late-night stupor, I was strangely drawn to the solution right in front of me on television. Tony Little’s Gazelle Glide–smooth, affordable, and while it didn’t seem like it was the kind of exercise that would whip me into a J. Lo body, it looked like it was better than nothing at all. I assessed the risk, and for only $300 for a “quality” full-body workout, I was willing to take that risk.

The big box arrived, and I went to work putting it together. After only a few assembly-provoked cuss words under my breath, the Gazelle Glide found its new home in the downstairs family room. It was kind of an eyesore, but it would be worth it! I loved the feel of it right away. I could do this! Yeah. So, in about one week it started making this annoying squeaky, creaky sound that I couldn’t drown out with even the rockiest tunes blaring on the iPod, and it suddenly lost it’s smooth flow for kind of a jerky movement. Oh yeah, the stoppers on the foot pads popped off too. I was took!

Top 5 Alternative Uses for the Gazelle Glide:

1. A good place to hang your clothes up while you’re ironing.

2. A less-expensive alternative to decorating your room with a modern art statue.

3. A constant reminder that you should never, ever watch television at 1 am and order anything off of an infomercial. (My GT Express hot pocket maker also reminds me of this, although, I do like my Swivel Sweep, and I’m sorry, but the Magic Bullet really looks like it could come in handy.–Whoa, snap out of it!)

4. A future yard sale beacon to those poor souls attracted to shiny things that could finally help them lose a few pounds.

5. A cutting-edge therapy to help provide sensory input to children with autism. It’s a lot cheaper than a lot of the stuff out there, after all!

There you have it… have a blast, son, and help me get my money’s worth out of the Gazelle Glide. (But please don’t get hurt and send us to the emergency room!)


3 Responses

  1. Hilarious! Isn’t it amazing how they can just look at something and immediately envision its working mode? Little Miss does the same. Here’s hoping the ER isn’t on your agenda!

  2. LOL!! I think we all at one time contemplated getting the Gazelle. If I owned one it would make a lovely laundry holder as well. Loved the photo comparison of the little guy vs Tony using the contraption. Too cute!

  3. #1 is the top use of our treadmill too 😆

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