Ditch the Flame-Retardant PJs

As a parent, you know how important it is to keep household chemicals out of the reach of children. But do you know the levels of dangerous neurotoxins right in your child’s bed? Now that my eyes have been opened to something I was completely ignorant of before, I feel like I need to pass on the word.

We’ve been on a quest to clean up any known exposures to toxins in order to not further burden our son’s body. Why do tests show that our son has dangerous levels of things like antimony and arsenic in him? Well, for one thing, we didn’t realize that during the 10-12 hours he sleeps a day chemicals from his crib mattress, bedding, and pajamas were leaching into his body and being inhaled with each breath. Kids with autism have impaired detoxification, so this stuff just builds and builds over time. But, even if a child doesn’t have autism, the flame retardant materials in bedding and pajamas may cause a number of problems for their health.

Sound crazy? Watch the short CBS news report below:

Also, check out this CNN report. Get even more troubling information about crib mattresses and toxic exposure here. You can get some good tips about buying non-flame retardant pajamas and other items here.

I’m not sure what to think of all of this. It pretty much makes me really angry. Anyone want to kick it up Amish-style with me? Head to the hills? Set up a commune with organic food, natural materials, quilting bees and old-fashioned barn raisings? When you think about the public health and environmental crisis we will face in the coming years because of our ignorance, it’s sobering. And, specifically, my heart is with my son who deserves a great shot at life and a brilliant mind and soul. He sleeps so soundly with the face of an angel in that crib. I’ve got to do what I can to protect him.

Here’s where we got an organic crib mattress. We picked up Gerber organic sheets and organic matress pad at BabiesRUs. Of course, our government requires by law that all kids’ pjs be flame resistant, but you can get tight-fitting organic pjs here and here. These organic pjs are kind of spendy (about $36). If you know of any deals, let me know.


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  1. I am right there with you: angry that industry dictates what is “acceptable levels” of contamination. It is pure madness. And moving to the hills won’t help, since the contamination spreads as far as the arctic, which would seemingly be pristine.

    Check out the Environmental Working Group’s Kid-Safe Chemicals Act: http://www.ewg.org/kidsafe

    Our children deserve better than being bio-accumulators of industrial chemicals!

    Thanks for your awareness, and blessings to you and your family.

  2. I NEED A ATTORNEY For 12 to 13 years I have taken medications for Panic Disorders. I never looked at my condition as a Panic Attack. I always looked at them as Events, a Event is when my brain skips, like someone with heart palpitation, but it my brain, a pause in my ability to think. These Events also cause a my motor skills to slip, it could be less than a second to several minutes.
    My first Events started while working at Great Lakes Chemical, now known as Chemtura. At Great Lakes Chemical I was hired to do Research and Development work in plastics. I had years of experience working for Rubbermaid Inc , Reynolds Indiana. Dr. Art Blinkhorn (Dow Corning) told me there might be 10 people in the whole world that knew as much about compression molding as me. At Great Lakes Chemical, I had to learn injection molding. My job duties adding R/D flame retardants to every type of plastic made. Then preform fire tests and physical characteristics of the plastics. I first started having events while working with polyurethane foam. Foams use a chemical known as Toluene Diisocyanate ,(TDI) is an aromatic diisocyanate. It is produced for reaction with polyols to form polyurethanes. TDI is a very toxic chemical as is and was handled with extreme care. I was taken to the emergency room, due to a exposure once. But my events, I assumed were low levels of TDI exposure daily.
    The first 6 months to a year after my emergency room exposure, I saw every type of doctor known to man. There was nothing wrong with me,but I was still having Events. A family doctor diagnosed me as Panic Disorders.Ive taken many different types of medication for my panic disorders. I kept reading up on panic disorders, it never made sense
    .I ran in a report on PBDEs, or Polybrominated Dipheneylethers also, the other flame retardants we used Octa Deca, Penta, and other brominated flame retardants we used everyday. The report in Bloomberg discusses fact that everyone in the USA has a small amout of this chemical in there blood stream from our flame retardant leaching from electronic equipment. CERT even filed suite against Chemtura for problems that could arise in the general public from small amounts of this toxin, being in about every mammal, and in our food chain down to fish. In process of adding these toxins to plastic we literary inhaled this chemical, as a baker would flour. If a small amount of this could be a problem for the average joe walking down the road, what about me? This Events that have ruined my life can and should be traced back to PBDEs and my blood stream. The PBDEs and my short term memories loss. My motor Skill problems when a Event wont let me drive a car.
    Why is it, I was never contacted? Why was I never told the health risks? Do, I end up in a nursing home because I cant remember if I took my medication, or left the stove on, whats my future? Is there anyone that cares enough to make a stand against these people, and help my situation.
    Oh and believe me they knew decabrom was leaching out of electrical equipment, its in one of my notebooks there.I was told by supervisor, our Attorneys said to stop testing migration in plastics. We never new why, but shortly after that,some of us were doing age study tests on brand new TVs.
    Jim Martinjimmartin47960@comcast.net574-297-4316
    4/24/10 by Lost47960
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    • You need to read “Slow Death By Rubber Duck,” authors Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie have been campaigning against large corporations profiting while killing us with chemicals. They have made some progress. The back of the book offers references to sources that may benefit you. The urgent call is to AVOID products with phthalates, Teflon-perfluorochemicals, polybrominated Diphenly Ethers (PBDEs), mercury, and Triclosan–we’re being poisoned!!

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