Top 10 Products I Dig

Having a child with autism forces you to hunt high and low for anything that will help make your life easier. Or helps you do what is needed to get vitamins and food in, keep toxins down, and keep your kid happy in a pinch. For you parents of children with special needs, here are my top ten products. I’d love to hear about your “must haves.”

1. Ian’s Chicken Finger Meals and Wellshire Kids Chicken Bites. These are great to send to school with Josiah, and they are Gluten/Cassein free and the chickens have no antibiotics and were fed a vegetarian diet. Meets my kid’s approval. I can get the Ian’s at Super Target. Hillshire Farms is more of a Whole Foods sort of product.

2. Metagenics Ultra Meal (Rice or Soy) and Nutrition Dynamics Dynamic Greens. I’ve got a picky eater–most autistic kids are–and I get concerned about whether he’s getting the protein and veggies he needs to be well nourished. These GF/CF products, recommended by Josiah’s DAN! doctor, are tasty and good for mixing the nutriceuticals into, and they’re power foods. The Dynamic Greens has like 50 vegetables in it, probiotics, enzymes–you name it. It’s green in color but it tastes like berry and is sweet. Josiah swigs both of these down. His poops have been better with these too!

3. Stainless Steel Margherita Shaker. No, it’s not for what you think (not that I haven’t thought about it!). Morning and night I have to mix Josiah’s supplements together into a “tasty” cocktail. Blenders require too much washing. I’m trying to get rid of plastic products that can leach chemicals into the liquid, so when Grandma recommended the margherita shaker, I jumped on it.

4. Seventh Generation Cleaners. This is a full line of cleaning products that are affordable. They’re both eco-friendly and non-toxic and natural. From dishwashing liquid to shower cleaner, detergent to kitchen spray, I replaced my cleaners with Seventh Generation. I know you can get these at Target and many other retailers.

5. Stainless Steel Sippy Cups. I’ve got the Thermos brand with a straw, and will be ordering the Kleen Kanteen sippy cup soon that’s a little more like the traditional sippy. Plastic bottles and sippies may have harmful Bisphenol A chemicals that have been theorized to cause all sorts of issues from developmental problems to childhood cancers.

6. Organic mattress, bedding and pajamas. It was an expensive switch, but Josiah’s DAN! doctor suggested setting up an organic sleeping situation because nearly all baby crib matresses are bathed in flame retardants, along with kids’ pajamas. Josiah’s heavy metal toxicity tests showed higher levels of antimony and arsenic, both found in crib matresses, much to my surprise. Those flame retardants are bad news!

7. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Bath Wash. This Burt’s Bee product line can be found in most health food stores and also in a place like Target. Don’t forget how the skin can absorb chemicals that aren’t good for the chemically-sensitive kid. Okay, I’m going to double this one up and also recommend a natural sunscreen: JASON Natural Kids Sunscreen.

8. Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. I just purchased one of these. I never imagined I would spend almost $500 on a silly vacuum cleaner, but after doing some research, I decided it would be a good investment. It’s the only vacuum endorsed by the Allergy Association to remove the allergens out of your carpet. Studies have shown that there are shocking levels of dangerous chemicals in household dust, including plasticizers and flame retardants. Okay, I was shocked that I had to empty 4 canisters full of nastiness from the first cleaning in my house with the Dyson. My carpets had looked clean and we always take our shoes off and have no pets. Apparently my old vacuum really sucked, or um, didn’t suck. I feel like I’m going to clean up some hidden hazards with this.

9. Musical Books. The Elmo Mini Deluxe Piano Book is Josiah’s favorite. He’s a real music lover, so books that have buttons to press that make music are great to take along to the shopping mall, or have at the ready at home. They’re calming and they take him to his happy place. Keep batteries on hand!

10. Super Safe Color Viewers. Josiah’s therapist had gotten some of these at school and recommended them. These little hand-held viewers are available at Lakeshore Learning Centers, and are a new favorite of Josiah’s and are good for teaching primary colors. Josiah is sometimes attracted to lights, so this makes looking at them more appropriate and is helping him to identify and label colors.

What are the products you would endorse? Please share them with others in the comment section!


2 Responses

  1. You sound alot like my wife with the products you like, you will never see a vaccuum in my top 10 products lol, i like eletronics and stuff to keep me healthy like my bow flex.

  2. thanks for doing the research on this tahni.
    very informative!

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