Our Video: A World of Hope for Autism

Understanding. Solidarity. Empathy. Hope. Awareness. This past year, I have Googled my heart out to get a grasp on this world of autism, and it’s other parents that we don’t even know that have really been there for us through their videos and sites. I think so many shell-shocked moms and dads are just desperate to come across a word of hope for their kids, or at least a sense that they’re not in this alone.

Many nights, I’ve watched YouTube videos on autism and have been encouraged by stories of recovery. Or been moved to tears by videos people have posted about their child’s journey. Heartbreaking stuff about how their kids were well for the first year-and-a-half (like ours) and then something flipped. Heart rending stories about how parents don’t have the insurance coverage they need to get their kids help, and they don’t know where to turn. Stories that speak of the injustice of the “powers that be” whose greed and unwillingness to hear have put our children at risk from toxic vaccines and environmental pollutants that have made their way into almost everything.

That crazy world wide web has fostered authenticity and interconnectedness within groups of people like no other time in history. (Thanks, Al Gore, for “inventing” the internet!) You actually virtually “meet” strangers that you come to care about. The online autism community is vast, and courageous parents have gotten the momentum going for awareness about new biomedical treatments, gluten/dairy-free diets, emotional highs and lows, and what it means when your kid’s poo looks like…

Well, I saw a video that www.rhemashope.wordpress.com posted on the website “What Kind of World Do You Want” (seen here), and I was so moved by their family’s story that it inspired my husband and me to tell our story there too. Putting the video together was and going through all of those pictures of our little guy was kind of painful, but very healing at the same time. The thought kept coming to me, “God is faithful. He will see our boy through.”

You’re invited to view Josiah’s video right on the “What Kind of World Do You Want” site because each view donates four cents to Autism Speaks. Or, you can watch it below. I just hope our story can touch some lives like other people’s videos have touched ours.


2 Responses

  1. He’s won his way into my heart, Tahni. Beautiful video, beautiful boy, beautiful family. Praying and trusting with you that God will make him whole, that he will know the joy of rich relationships, and that God will continue (because He already is!) to be glorified through Josiah.

  2. Tahni and Joe,
    That video is beyond description. He is a beautiful and amazing little boy. Thanks so much for sharing him. Tahni, I am so glad that we have re-connected…thanks for chatting tonight, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our visit. Josiah is a blessing and I know that God will hear your prayers and bring him “completely” back to you. Thanks for sharing your love, compassion, and faith. My best to the beautiful Cullen family…God bless…Kim

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