Baby, Talk With Me

What is it that you’re thinking?

Baby boy, please talk with me

I want to know you so much more

Things you hear, things you see


If I could buy the words I would

Turn your noises into stories

Grand imaginations, jokes or quips

About your loves, likes or worries


When a smile crosses your face

I’d love to share in the why

What’s your favorite song or toy?

What is it that makes you cry?


Kids say the darndest things, ya know

I want you to have a voice to chime in

About Elmo, Nemo, Lightning McQueen

This truck, that color, a frog that’s green


I want to demolish this blasted wall

That gets in the way of relating with you

It taunts me and hoards the dear words

On the other side of it, your gestures too


It’s not fair or right for a momma to wait

For her boy, a bit past three, to prattle on

He’s got a right to communicate to us

A word here or there isn’t much to go on


So, God, hear my cries tonight and next

Loose that tongue, connect that mind

Let him be silly, witty or thoughtful

Whatever is locked in there, please unbind


That’s our boy, the apple of our eye

He deserves a shot at this life as do we

So I will speak the words of life for him

Until we see complete and utter victory


4 Responses

  1. What a day of rejoicing it will be when you know that God has answered your prayer… when Josiah will speak and sing of all the Lord has done (like a FIRE shut up in his bones). It won’t be long.

    For now, we’re in God’s waiting room. I’m just so thankful I get to sit next to you.


  2. …all of creation waits in eager expectation… what a day that will be when we all have new perfect bodies… no more autism! Until then, praying and trusting for Josiah’s healing on this side of heaven.

    You are a beautiful writer.

  3. […] I have found mothers who understand how important relationship is. We share how we long for the communication that fosters relationship between mother and […]

  4. Wow!! It is like if you read my mind. I have been say so many of this lines. I so want, hope, wish, crave, dream about hearing my boy’s voice. When I read your poem it made me unleash a lot of emotions but the biggest one a big desire to meet you. I really admire your writing. Thank you for sharing.

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