Our “Surprised by Autism” show coming soon

I’m so proud of my husband. He’s a tv producer on a local cable channel, and he debuts a whole 30-minute show about autism next month. It focuses on our personal journey so far with our Josiah, and on getting out information to those early in their journey about what options are out there to help tackle autism. It’s information that we wish we would have had without endless hours on Google trying to get oriented to this new, strange life of this “cause unknown, lifelong, incurable” disorder. Tough words to be faced with for parents who feel like they’ve just been smucked upside the head. It’s time for hope. It’s time for education. It’s time to help others down a road that we have walked for a year-and-a-half. I’m looking forward to a sequel, and praying for a recovery story!

It wasn’t easy for Joe to work on this. Oftentimes, the last thing he wanted to do was live autism, and then be faced with autism at work too. But, let it be noted that I didn’t put him up to it! It was his idea and I’m excited to see it air during Autism Awareness Month. We’ll upload the whole thing on YouTube next month. In the meantime, Joe’s supervisor had us on her show this month to preview the documentary. Take a peek… (by the way, they say the camera adds 10 lbs. The question is, “Man, how many cameras are ON me?!?)


2 Responses

  1. Man, that’s a good looking couple. I bet you feel lucky to have such a great husband. He seems like he’s such a cool guy.

  2. This is SO exciting!!! What a great opportunity. I cannot think of anyone better than you to represent the autism community to so many people. And of course, there’s not a cuter, sweeter boy than your “fire of the Lord” Josiah.
    Joe, may God bless your work.

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