“Surprised By Autism” Debuts for Autism Month

Today is World Autism Awareness Day and April is autism awareness month. I’m excited about the elevated attention given to this cause at this time, and here are a few links I’d like to share with you, including our own documentary that my husband produced:

Jenny McCarthy’s third book was just released called Healing and Preventing Autism. It’s a collaboration with Dr. Kartzinel. My husband was able to get an advanced media copy and the last couple of weeks I’ve been able to read a bit of it. I highly recommend it! It’s the first book that I’ve seen that not only endorses various biomedical treatments and diets, but even gives you dosages, brands of recommended vitamins, and a protocol to follow.

The idea is that if you are waiting to get into a Defeat Autism Now! doctor, you can start some things on your own through this book and understand how to get the ball rolling. I’m a big Jenny fan, and she’s going to be making the rounds in the media this month. She’s a bulldog, and I love to see her take on the establishment. Check out her press schedule

Join a unified prayer effort to “Turn the Tide” on autism through the month of April by following the Children of Destiny printable prayer calendar.

Watch our family’s story called “Surprised By Autism,” which is airing on community channels in the Twin Cities area this month, and can be seen here through YouTube in three 10-minute parts. Settle in and take a peek! Our hope was that it would be a good introduction to options out there if you’re a new parent/grandparent facing an autism diagnosis, or that it will help bring awareness to the general public about autism.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, you all did such a wonderful job! This was thorough and informative, and added a very personal touch that is often missing when the “experts” tak about autism. Josiah’s sweet face and adorable curls are impossible to forget!

    Your hard work on this (and sharing your family with the public) is not in vain as I’m sure you’ve helped many people become more informed and aware about autism. Most importantly you’ve offered hope.

    One other thing, I loved getting to see Josiah in action. He is so full of joy, always laughing and smiling. He is clearly loved from the top of his head to his toenails! Your love for him is only going to help him grow and thrive.

    Can’t wait for the sequel!

  2. Referred by high school classmate Tim Cimbura.

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