In a bit of a ‘jam’

Josiah has been seeking a bit of “deep pressure” lately, as his therapist explains. He’s been trying to squeeze into some pretty small places, and he likes to sit behind us in a chair and pull us close to “crush” him a little. Temple Grandin noted how when cattle were put into a tight chute, they became calm almost immediately. For people with autism, there’s something with sensory processing that’s a bit off, and deep pressure has a similar calming affect. In fact, Grandin designed a “hug box” squeeze machine that looks an awful lot like a chute for cattle in case you don’t have someone to squeeze you, or if you get overstimulated by human touch.

At any rate, it’s pretty darn cute and hilarious how many items Josiah has tried to squeeze into lately, and I have them documented right here. Whatever helps! He’s been doing really well the last couple of weeks, and his visual stimming is way down, so bring on the deep pressure! I’ve got tons of hugs, and a little visit to the storage aisle at Target is cheaper than buying toys. I have also learned that I can’t keep folded clothes sitting in a laundry basket for long because Josiah will toss them out and get in the basket.

Although, I had to draw the line when he tried to squeeze in between the fridge and the wall. And, last night in the bath he grabbed the small plastic bowl that I use to wash his hair off and tried to sit in that! So, he may have a little something to learn about the actual size of his hiney–otherwise, he may be able to find employment as a contortionist in the circus if he keeps working on it.



6 Responses

  1. what a cute kid — just love the glasses

  2. Tahni, I recently saw a show on PBS about that lady. It was a fascinating story. I love the pics of Josiah! What a cute guy!

  3. Those are sweet pictures! Whenever we’re not sure where Evan is, we know to go look under all our pillows and covers on our bed!

  4. Wow! He is a little contortionist…lol. Too cute! Hopefully whatever is triggering his need for that pressure releases soon. My kids do that when there is a change in their routine or something similar. It’s great that they can seek out what they need to help them get through it.

  5. So cute! And so familiar. One night Rhema got into her closet and went to sleep in a clothing bin. I think she preferred it over her big bed. Here is the perfect sensory solution (in my dreams!)

  6. Your blogs bring me so much joy and I love to read them and learn your take on things. Josiah is a joy in many of our lives at PIE and we often argue over who gets “Josiah time.” This blog brought a huge grin to my face, since people will be working on their computers and out of the blue Josiah is climbing their chair demanding “squish” He is amazing and a huge blessing to all of us and we truly love him.

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