True Blue Friends

When Josiah was 15 months old, he and I ventured off on a plane together to Arizona to visit some family. I knew he was at an age where he would realize that he was away from his usual surroundings. One article I read recommended to help your child bond with a stuffed animal or blanket prior to a trip so he would have some comforts from home. So, I grabbed a little blue duck that his grandparents had given him for Easter one year, and a blue blanket he got as a baby gift. I put them in his crib with him; I took them in the car and wherever we went. They were a big help on the trip. And, to this day, he LOVES “Duck” and “Blanket.”

Duck and Blanket are a duo. Usually where you find one, you’ll see the other. They have been eaten over, puked on, pooped on, dragged on the floor, dipped in the bathtub, left behind couches, dropped on the sidewalk, washed multiple times, unravelled, and loved like crazy. Duck used to have a satin tag that Josiah would run between his fingers until it finally disintegrated. Now Josiah kind of runs his fingers over a “ghost” tag. Hey, whatever get’s you through the day!

Somehow Josiah is able to dutifully leave duck and blanket behind in the car as he goes into his therapy center every morning. But they are the first things he grabs when he gets in the car at the end of the day. I’m inspired by his devotion. I still get a flutter in my heart when I see Josiah’s arm wrapped around duck when he sleeps. So, Duck and Blanket, though you might be a little worse for wear, you become more valuable by the day to this little boy of mine.

A brand new "fluffy" duck.

A brand new "fluffy" duck.

Duck after a bath.

Duck after a bath today.

Josiah hanging out with Duck, making phone calls.

Josiah hanging out with Duck, making phone calls.

Tumbling with Duck and Blanket.

Tumbling with Duck and Blanket.

Blanket auditioning for a role in a Christmas pageant?

Blanket auditioning for a role in a Christmas pageant?


5 Responses

  1. It melted my heart to see the adorable pictures of Josiah with Duck & blanket over the years. Never imagined when we bought Duck, that he would become such a ‘treasured friend’. SO glad he brings our little Josiah so much joy and comfort!

  2. This story warmed my heart so much! What great pictures too.

    If I could invent anything it would be a ‘last time’ alarm to alert me when one of my kids is reaching the end of an era. I will never forget finding Ryley’s ‘lovey bear’ all dust covered under the bed one day – the sadness I felt over not having it a part of my life, and slipping by unoticed was profound. They do all of these cute or sweet or touching things that you think you will never forget, but then they move on to the next and you barely remember. I would love it if there could be a little warning, or fanfare, or some kind of alert before they move on.
    Love to you, and your boy, and his duck.

  3. Your post brought back memories of my son’s yellow blanket. I wrote about it too…the rubbing of the satin until it was worn away. I love the pictures, he’s adorable. Had our last child been a boy, were were going to name him Josiah. 🙂

  4. I gotta say well done, mama! Duck is looking good and hanging tough after years of abuse, I mean, love. Rhema had a stuffed doggie much like Josiah’s duck. One day the husband said we needed to toss it b/c we couldn’t get rid of the… smell. But I couldn’t bear to throw it away so I put it in a suitcase. (And now I’m sure the suitcase smells).

  5. I Will have to come back again when my class load lets up – nevertheless I am taking your RSS feed so I can read your site offline. Thanks.

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