Hey all. So, if you really are interested in connecting, you can friend me on Facebook. Just type in “Tahni Cullen” and send a friend request.

Warning: My status updates are not of the hard-core autism research variety. I’ll post really interesting articles from time to time, but I feel like a lot of other people kind of have that corner on the market and I don’t have to add a lot to the noise. Basically, if you friend me, it will be on my own personal page. You’ll find with my status updates a mixture of:

  • Jesus is awesome stuff–Bible verses, worship videos, songs I like
  • Inspiring quotes, encouragement
  • Funny observations
  • Autism awareness, articles or videos that I really like and feel have broad appeal
  • Reminiscing about retro stuff

I’ve gotten quite a network of other autism parents that have swapped friendship too, so if you want to broaden your network with like-minded people (of the recovery-minded, biomed, anti-vaccine, ABA sort), I have a number of those that you might want to friend too for support and information.

If all that appeals to you, send me a friend request and a message letting me know that you found me through my blog.


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